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Carburizing & Carbonitriding

At Lark Heat Treating, we feature state-of-the-art carbonitriding and carburizing equipment designed to treat a wide range of materials.

Metal Treatments

Lark Heat Treating offers a wide variety of heat treatment solutions designed to meet your specific needs. From gas nitriding to stress relieving, solution anneal to quench and temper.  How can we help?

Metal Treating Institute™ (MTI)
ASM International

Our Story

Lark Heat Treating was founded in 1978 by brother's Frank and Gene Clark, with the guidance and inspiration of their father, Wade, whose heat treating career started in 1936.  Now owned and operated by Frank and Gene, Lark Heat Treating is one of the top heat treat providers in the southern United States, serving hundreds of customers over the past three decades.  Our customers range from local machine shops to service tool companies in the international petroleum industry.  Our customer base reaches from Houston Texas, to Abu Dhabi, UAE.

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