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Custom Heat Treatment Solutions

About Us

Lark Heat Treating was founded in 1978 by brother's Frank and Gene Clark with the guidance and inspiration of their father, Wade Clark, whose heat treating career started in 1936. Now owned and operated by Frank and Gene, Lark Heat Treating is one of the top commercial heat treaters in the southern United States, serving hundreds of customers over the past three decades, including the leading service tool companies in the international petroleum industry.

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Locally Owned & Operated

All business decisions are made promptly and decisively right here in Houston by local owners and managers. Our owners built the heat treating operation from the ground up and are directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the heat treating plant. We are well known for our responsiveness and flexibility in meeting each customer's needs. With more than 130 years of combined heat treating experience, our office staff has tackled-and solved-almost every kind of heat treating challenge you may encounter.

Modern Facilities

Our heat treating plant occupies more than 54,000 square feet of modern office and warehouse space on a four-acre tract in the northwest Houston area. We are in a constant state of maintaining, upgrading, and expanding our heat treating plant and capabilities, with state-of-the-art equipment and ongoing training for our personnel.

Broad Capabilities

Lark Heat Treating offers a wide range of atmosphere and open-fire heat treat capabilities, carburizing and carbonitriding, and oil-, water-, and polymer-quenching services. We also offer:

• Vacuum Heat Treat
• Induction Heat Treating
• Gas Nitriding
• Quench and Temper (oil, water, and polymer)
• Carburizing
• Straightening
• Aging
• Boronizing
• Atmosphere Quench and Temper
• Carbonitriding
• Stress Relieving
• Solution Annealing
• Normalizing
• Abrasive Cleaning

Contact us at (713) 937-9089 in Houston, Texas, for fast and affordable metal heat treating services.