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Custom Heat Treatment Solutions

Normalize and Stress Relieve

We have the capability to Normalize or Stress Relieve loads up to 8 feet tall, 12 feet wide, and 20 feet in length.  Weight limitation for these loads are 15,000 pounds per piece, and 125,000 pounds per batch load.

Gas Nitriding

Lark can custom tailor a run to meet your needs. From a simple four hour run, to the dual stage, long cycle run to minimize white layer to meet a particular specification. Our state of the art UPC controls gives us a great advantage in controlling and monitoring the nitride process. 

2 Nitriders with 44"OD x 72" Length Working Zones
1 Nitrider with 50"OD x 55" Length Working Zone
2 Nitriders with 28" OD x 42" Length Working Zones
2 Nitriders with 16" OD x 32" Length Working Zones
1 Nitrider with 12" OD x 28" Length Working Zone

Vacuum Heat Treat

In addition to the Nitride facility, we have added the greatest amount of capacity to our Vacuum Heat Treating facility.  Working with the Full Anneal of Carbon Alloys, Fastener industry, Code Stress Relieving, Hardening of Tool Steels, Age hardening of Precipitation Hardening alloys and Solution Annealing of 300 series stainless and 718, Lark Heat Treating can handle your needs with a quick turn around from an experienced staff.

Lark's furnaces use UPC PROTHERM 700 controls allowing control over multiple load thermocouples for soak guarantees. We also have SCADA software that allows for precise offsite process control. Perfect for the 24/7 demands of the Houston market.

Vacuum Heat Treat

Horizontal Load Vacuums
1 - 36" Wide X 72" Long X 36" Height - 2 Bar Quench
2 - 48" Wide X 60" Long X 48" Height
1 - 24" Wide X 36" Long X 20" Height


Open Fire Quench and Temper

Oil, Water, and Polymer Quench and Temper

We can heat treat material to a maximum of 72" tall x 144" long x 84" wide, with a maximum weight of 125,000 pounds per load.  Majority of our furnaces are capable of 1950° F, with some capable of 2150 F. We have the ability to safely handle materials with a per piece weight of 15,000 pounds.  Our Oil and Water quench tanks hold 26,000 gallons, while our polymer quench tank holds 12,000 gallons.  The per piece maximum for oil and water quench is 15,000 pounds per piece, and our polymer capacity allows for a maximum of 8,000 pounds per piece.

Induction Heat Treating

Lark Heat Treating is one of the largest induction heat treating facilities in the State of Texas. Induction furnaces are controlled by PLC  Operation. This allows instructions to be stored, and assigned process numbers for repeatability. 

Our equipment includes 10kw, 40kw, 60kw, and 175kw machines capable of holding 150" X 10" OD with a scan capability of 11'. Our machines are set up to run parts between centers. In some cases, we can process without centers depending on the type of material. 

Tempering for these parts is done in a 23' furnace with a range of 250ºF to 600ºF. We are set up for OD work at this time and have our own lab for micro-hardness testing with three metallurgists on staff.

Versatile Gas Nitriding & Other Treatment Solutions

Enhance your products with Gas Nitriding, abrasive cleaning, and other metal treatments from Lark Heat Treating of Houston, Texas. We offer the solutions you need.


Gas Nitriding

This treatment consists of introducing nitrogen into the surface layer of solid ferrous alloys. Our nitride furnaces have a 44" OD maximum limit with a 12,000-pound batch load limit. We are able to nitride hanging materials up to 70" long.

Aging & Solution Anneal

Due to the many applications and types of material we process, it is always best to contact us directly about your specific needs. Please contact us for pricing or to discuss the many solutions we have to offer. 


Our straightening abilities allow us to assist customers with material up to 6" cross section and up to 20' long. The ability to straighten material depends on the hardness of the material as well.

Abrasive Cleaning

We offer abrasive cleaning solutions critical to materials both before and after the heat treating process. Three vapor hone cabinets with a maximum capacity of 69"OD x 63" Tall, allow us to quickly process your material and provide more solutions, better results, and faster turnaround times. This is also true for our multiple rotary blast tables. With 4' and 6' tables holding up to 5,000 pounds, we supply fast solutions to your abrasive cleaning needs.  Abrasive cleaning shot blast 60"OD with 5000lb capacity and vapor hone capability of 72" OD and 4000lb capacity.

Mechanical Testing Provided by Outside Labs

Our mechanical testing is provided by outside, third-party labs.  In-house, we offer micro-hardness evaluations, along with a variety of hardness testing abilities. We also offer expediting for the independent labs, with results available in 24 hours. With several well-respected, outside testing services scheduled to drop off and pick up material daily, we can quickly expedite the handling of all your testing needs.

Contact us at (713) 937-9089 in Houston, Texas, for affordable gas nitriding solutions.