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Custom Heat Treatment Solutions

Vacuum Heat Treat

In addition to the Nitride facility, we have added the greatest amount of capacity to our Vacuum Heat Treating facility.  Working with the Full Anneal of Carbon Alloys, Fastener industry, Code Stress Releiving, Hardening of Tool Steels, Age hardening of Precipitation Hardening alloys and Solution Annealing of 300 series stainless and 718, Lark Heat Treating can handle your needs with a quick turn around from an experienced staff.

Vacuum Heat Treat Equipment

Vacuum Heat Treat

Horizontal Load Vacuums

1 - 36" Wide X 72" Long X 36" Height - 2 Bar Quench

2 - 48" Wide X 60" Long X 48" Height

1 - 24" Wide X 36" Long X 20" Height